CoCo-90 16 Channel Handheld System


The CoCo-90 is derived from the CoCo-80 platform. It is a powerful and simple to use vibration handheld data recorder and dynamic signal analyzer, that is ideal for quick and accurate data recording and real-time processing in the field. It is a light weight, battery powered handheld system with unparalleled performance and accuracy. The user interface of CoCo-90 is specifically designed for easy and simple operation while it maintains the capability of providing a wide variety of analysis functions.


The CoCo-90 hardware platform supports two different software working modes: Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) and Vibration Data Collector (VDC). Each working mode has its own user interface and operation navigation structure. DSA working mode is designed for mechanical structure analysis, testing and optimization or for electrical, geophysics and a wide range of applications. VDC is dedicated to route-based machine vibration data collection and trending. The user will select one of the working modes to execute.

CoCo-90 is equipped with 16 input channels and accurately measures and records both dynamic and static signals. The mass flash memory records 16 channels of streaming signals simultaneously up to 51.2 kHz while simultaneously computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.

The handheld system is equipped with two USB ports, 100BaseT Ethernet, SD card interface, audio input/output, 5.7 inch color LCD display and a keypad. The user connects the CoCo-90 to a PC, download files and upgrades the software through several means of network connections.


In VDC mode, the CoCo-90 utilizes modern database management technology to synchronize the parameter set, route map and measured data to PC. Data can be downloaded to a PC and managed, trended, analyzed and exported to other applications using the EDM software from Crystal Instruments.



The CoCo-90 utilizes a new signal processing method, Configurable Signal Analysis (CSA). This method provides unique flexibility for real-time analysis including filtering and spectral analysis. Data can be downloaded to a PC and managed, analyzed and exported to other applications using the EDM software from Crystal Instruments.


Inputs: 16 LEMO connectors, built-in IEPE current source, single-ended, AC or DC coupling, 100 dBFS dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters, range ±10 V
Outputs: 1 LEMO connector, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit D/A converter
Audio: 3.5 mm Audio Jack Stereo connector for earphones, plus built-in speaker and microphone
Maximum Sampling Rate: 51.2 kHz simultaneously
Dimensions: 231 x 170 x 69 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 1.71 kg including battery
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Flash Memory: 4 GB used for system and data storage
Host Interface: 2 USB ports, 100Base-T Ethernet, SD Card