The CoCo delivers state of the art lab quality performance. It excels in both dynamic signal and static signal measurements. When used for dynamic measurements, the input channels offer an extremely high-quality dynamic range, signal to noise ratio, cross channel gain match, phase match, and spectrum flatness over the analysis frequency range. When it is used to measure static or quasi-static signals, it offers very high accuracy at DC or near DC frequencies.

The CoCo is the first battery-powered handheld data acquisition system that matches the performance and functions of high-end systems. The CoCo-80 is equipped with 4 or 8 input channels and accurately measures and records both dynamic and static signals.




products_141561811554609e43e829dDYNAMIC SIGNAL ANALYZER MODE

The Dynamic Signal Analyzer mode includes general signal analysis, FFT analysis, time recording, FRF data acquisition, alarm/abort checking, machine condition monitoring, and many more options. The CoCo DSA mode is ideal for a wide variety of industries including automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics and military. It is the perfect solution for easy, quick, accurate data recording and real-time processing in the field. The Configurable Signal Analysis, or CSA technology allows users to customize the system for unlimited flexibility in real-time analysis.


The CoCo is based on a unique and powerful system that allows the specialist to get advanced real-time analysis results yet maintains the simple interface for the general user. This system is called Configurable Signal Analysis or CSA and is one of the most powerful and unique features of the CoCo. Although it is programmed with all the basic features used by the vast majority of users, CSA enables users with specialized needs to customize the analysis to suit their unique applications. A completely documented instruction manual allows users to develop new real time analysis functions that might not be available in any other device. This makes the CoCo possibly the most advanced system available.


The Ethernet interface combined with the remote EDM software allows the CoCo to be used for distributed measurements with multiple units. Imagine machine condition monitoring an entire facility from your office, in a different building or even from the other side of the world. Multiple CoCo units connect to the same LAN network and are managed through one piece of software, EDM. The low cost, flexibility and high performance makes the CoCo the ideal remote, distributed measurement tool.


Inputs: 2 to 8 BNC connectors with voltage or IEPE, single-ended or differential, AC or DC couptdng, 150 dBFS dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters, range ±10 V (Optional ±20 V range)
Outputs: 1 SMB connector, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit D/A converter
Audio: 3.5 mm Audio Jack Stereo connector for earphones, plus built-in speaker and microphone
Maximum Sampling Rate: 102.4 kHz simultaneously
Dimensions: 231 x 170 x 69 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 1.71 kg including battery
Power: 14 watts
Battery tdfe: Up to 10 hours
Flash Memory: 4 GB used for system and data storage
Host Interface: 2 USB ports, 100Base-T Ethernet, SD Card