The CoCo-80 Vibration Data Collector has both route based data collection and onsite measurement functions. The route based data collection mode includes: overall readings, time waveform, spectrum and demodulated spectrum. Onsite measurement mode conducts the following tests in addition to the data collection functions: bump test, coast-down / run-up, and balancing.

The Vibration Data Collector mode features a specialized user interface designed for use in the vibration analysis and machine condition monitoring industry. Included are route setup and measurement tools in addition to standard vibration data collection measurements such as rms, true-rms, overall-rms, peak, waveform, spectrum, and demodulation measurements. Routes are set up on a computer and then uploaded to the CoCo. Crystal Instruments software simplifies setup of operation. Also included are convenient tools for managing and backing up data.


Software Features

Route Based Condition Monitoring

  • Measurement Channels: 1 or 3 channels (tri-axis) with tachometer enabled or disabled
  • Route Collection Control: Easy navigation from the UI (user interface) level to routes. View or hold live signals, review saved data, previous measurement entry, next measurement entry, previous point, next point, point and route management.


  • Trigger setting to collect data when increasing (run-up) or decreasing (coast-down) speed. 3D display for order spectrum data.

Bump Test

  • Auto power spectra within user-defined frequency band.

Rotor Balancing

  • Enables users to correct the imbalance without dismantling the machine. It is possible to balance rotors of any size with either 1 or 2 plane balancing. Using the multiple channel option, parallel measurements on 2 sensors are possible, resulting in a faster, safer, and more accurate procedure. The user interface allows stopping and starting balancing as needed and to repeat any single operation without repeating the whole procedure.


Inputs: 2 to 8 BNC connectors with voltage or IEPE, single-ended or differential, AC or DC coupling, 150 dBFS dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters, range ±10 V (Optional ±20 V range)
Outputs: 1 SMB connector, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit D/A converter
Audio: 3.5 mm Audio Jack Stereo connector for earphones, plus built-in speaker and microphone
Maximum Sampling Rate: 102.4 kHz simultaneously
Dimensions: 231 x 170 x 69 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 1.71 kg including battery
Power: 14 watts
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Flash Memory: 4 GB used for system and data storage
Host Interface: 2 USB ports, 100Base-T Ethernet, SD Card